Scheduled posts, more often than not, are either about the past (such as re posting a previously popular article) or the future (such as announcing a company update). Social media is generally a medium that revolves around the present, as there are plenty other mediums for past and future focused content. For example, you could use a press release to spread the word about an upcoming feature, or rely on your blog to talk about the past.

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Not to say we shouldn be messing But just to make us aware of what we are doing. Finally, the other criterion was that it had to interest me. So it not an encyclopedia; it not a kind f Wikipedia version of history. Your mental health is also at risk on the road. And here is a scary statistic to prove it nearly 80 percent of drivers expressed significant anger, aggression, or road rage behind the wheel. That is a lot of tailgating and honking.

MDOT had planned to publicly enter into a funding agreement Monday with the FTA, which would have locked in nearly half of the $2billion project’s construction funding. Such agreements are the result of a years long quest for highly competitive federal transit aid and are typically signed amid great fanfare. District Judge Richard J.

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Does your copy of Pirates of the Caribbean skip? Try buffing a dab toothpaste on the readable side of the disc with a paper towel. This helps resurface the disc by filling in the scratches and helps prevent the disc from skipping. Just remember to do a good job wiping off the excess toothpaste, as you don’t want it getting in your player..

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