That what makes this week actions the movie theaters that refused to show the film, the studio that pulled it altogether feel so deeply unsettling, like a theft. Physical fear is a legitimate concern, but the threats here are hard to parse, and to separate from the question of money. And it all portends a disturbing direction for Hollywood executives who do have legitimate power: to put subjects on the table, drive the public conversation, support and distribute satire and risk..

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Two more wonder oils are Vitamin E and Emu Oil. They are not cheap, but they will not break the bank either. Apply Tea Tree oil with a swab to the infected area to help dry up the acne spot. And developing their own methods. And it’s a slingshot and a bird in the left corner of our screen. And it’s the right part of the pigs.

I think one of the ways in which race has changed is the fight cannot be just one racial group. It can’t be just African Americans, just Latinos, just Asians, just Native Americans agitating for and hoping to work toward equality. We have to invest in each other’s struggles and look for White allies who are with us to advance everything to the next level.

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Kelly served his country honorably for decades. But there’s nothing courageous in announcing, on the way out the door, that he didn’t agree with many awful things Trump did on his watch. There was, once, a good argument that qualified people, by taking administration jobs, could temper Trump’s worst instincts.

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