Finally it got so bad that I was waking up crying. I was chugging extra strength tylenol, my wifes midol, anything I thought might provide pain relief, and nithing was taking the edge off. Finally someone recommended this to me and it worked.. No particular order.What do you mean “Worked on adding”, does that mean you didn finish them? Is there really a need to separate internal and public facing APIs? Could you write what you actually did?”Helped to”, just gives the impression that you didn actually do anything yourself. Just say “Fixed bugs”. What bugs did you fix? How did they impact the company/users/speed? Were they important bugs?What new features did you implement? Get rid of “API support for them was in place”, it clear that you can only implement a feature if it works.”Wrote process to.” you wrote in a word doc the process on how you would validate and import data? Use domain words!! “Wrote JavaScript script to validate and import customer data from CSV files”I can go through your whole resume like this, but try to apply this to everything else.Generally no one cares when you write “Fixed bug in app”.

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