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canada goose The Senate passed a $60.2 billion storm relief bill last week that included $9.7 billion for federal flood insurance, but House leaders unexpectedly failed to bring the bill to the floor for a vote Tuesday night, saying the bill would be taken up by the canada goose online uk reviews new Congress.”We urge timely congressional action with regard to the pending supplemental to continue to meet survivor needs,” Dave canada goose clothing uk Miller, a FEMA official, said in a statement.FEMA’s announcement came as House Republican leaders faced mounting criticism, much of it from within their own party, for their decision to scrap a planned vote on the aid package for states devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Among the fiercest critics of the failure of the Republican controlled House to take up the aid bill was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who lambasted Congressional leaders for putting politics ahead of storm victims.”New Jersey deserves better than the duplicity we saw last night,” Christie said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon canada goose.

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