Name Horticulture 1
Cell # 03336506207
Address P91, Sitara Sapna City , Faisalabad
Field Agriculture
Demand Multipurpose Rotary Cultivator
One row disc ridger Motorized
Plastic mulch spreader attached with motor
Independent type power sprayer 100L
Knapsack type Agriculture engine sprayer
Model Hydroponic unit (10 X30X12 ft)
Small drip irrigation system
Spray pump, 20 liter Power Knapsack
Seed moisture testerWooden bins and shelves for seed storage
Vegetable harvesting ladder
Cart/Hand Trolley
Garden ridger
Garden rake
Hand fork
Hand trowl
Pruning sheer
Pruning knife
Mask and Gloves
Harvest baskets
Seeds sieve

Propagation containers (Trays, Pots)

Compost bins

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