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Designer Fake Bags Department of Justice show that in 2015,727 people were prosecuted for money laundering, with 615 being convicted a rate of 85 per cent.READ MORE:Secret replica bags in gaffar market police study finds crime networks could have laundered over $1B through Vancouver homes in 2016Examining prosecution rates for these crimes in Canada is challenging. No federal government agency collects the data directly from provincial courts and information from Superior Courts is not available to be analyzed. Cases where a person was charged with replica zara bags money laundering buy replica bags in addition to other crimes were not available.WATCH: Canada fails to convict cash cleaning criminalsStatCan noted the data compiled through the Integrated Criminal Court Survey does not replica bags blog include information from Superior courts in Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, as well as municipal courts in Quebec, and may result in a “slight underestimation.”Global News reached out to 10 provinces for prosecution outcomes for charges under section 462.31 which deals with laundering proceeds of crime Designer Fake Bags.

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