It’s about delivering our numbers or at least paying lip service to doing so. The remedy for sales managers is as simple as asking your teams about the interesting things they’re seeing in their accounts. What’s something new they’ve learned from a customer? Which accounts are they feeling excited about and why? You’ll have a much clearer picture about progress in each account, and you’ll open up your conversations toward what really matters: how your business can help your clients solve their problems..

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THE BUZZ: MONKEY SELFIE LEGAL BATTLE If a monkey snaps a selfie in the forest, does he own it? By now, the legal pseudo doctrine of “he who takes the selfie owns the selfie” has settled into the collective consciousness. But what happens if an animal takes the photo? British photographer David Slater is locked in a dispute with Wikimedia Commons (and its parent organization the Wikimedia Foundation) over whether a photo taken by an animal with a photographer’s camera becomes part of the public domain or the property of the camera’s owner. Councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry lambasted Fox News reporter Emily Miller for asking about unpaid parking tickets..

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