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buy canada goose jacket Is Bill O’Reilly a racist or just ignorant? But Bill is educated; so what would be the basis for his astonishment that black people have table manners and don’t shout canada goose outlet in new york rude things to canada goose outlet winnipeg address restaurant waiters? Why would he think that an NYC Councilperson, Charles Barron has canada goose outlet vancouver a “hidden agenda” to wipe out “white privilege?” Why would he canada goose outlet online be thankful that he won’t be around when the US will no longer be predominately white? Why would he be concerned that the “white, canada goose outlet uk sale Christian, male power structure is being “broken down?” Perhaps this is part of Bill’s paranoia canada goose parka uk about all those malevolent forces that are out to destroy Bill’s world as he knows it. Bill’s “enemies list” is an ever growing work in progress and the newest edition is black rappers. On Wednesday night’s “Factor” (January 22nd), Bill discussed this problem with white, right wing soul mate Dennis Miller. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale Bill introduced the segment by describing a canada goose outlet store uk recent canada goose uk site performance by rappers Young Jeezy canada goose outlet florida and Jay Z as “a rant” that “offended many people.” (Comment: And if they weren’t at the concert, Bill, how did they get offended? It couldn’t be that white/right wing media is stirring the pot, could it?) O’Reilly issued a “viewer warning” because of the naughty words (and naughty black men) that were going to be shown. O’Reilly selected the section of the performance during which the “n” word was used as part of a rebuke of George Bush and praise of Barack Obama. One wonders if Bill was offended by the rappers’ phrase, “my president is black!” In a twist on the old “God is upset with you when you misbehave” thing perhaps Bill heard as a child, O’Reilly “channeled” Barack Obama in saying that “I don’t think Barack Obama would approve of that. I was low class.” (Comment: what a strange “post racial” world we live in when America’s white Daddy can critique/rebuke the minority community by assuming that Barack Obama wouldn’t approve!) Naturally, washed up “comedian” Dennis Miller agreed. Miller generally approved of everything said and done at canada goose outlet online reviews the inauguration; canada goose outlet toronto canada goose outlet but the words of the rappers was a negative because they “couldn’t ratchet down the hate.” (Comment: the concert in question was not an official inaugural event.) Miller said that rappers are becoming “obsolete” because “role models like that are being done in by a shooting star, Barack Obama.” Miller is looking forward to a time when “ho” means just a garden tool. Not surprising Miller referenced that 70% percentage of black single parent homes which is whole other discussion far beyond the “pay grade” of Dennis Miller. (Comment: Not mentioned by Miller, that within that demographic are very loving, very capable single parents.) canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka Comment: Don’t ya love it when two white guys, one of canada goose outlet online uk whom has made some racially offensive comments, analyze the sociology of the black community? Don’t ya love it when these same white guys opine on the state of black music and what is “acceptable?” Not for nothing did Bill canada goose outlet las vegas cherry pick the “offensive lyrics” which (BTW) were performed to a very receptive crowd. soy’all let the man shine. Stuntin on Martin Luther, feelin just like a king. Guess this is what he meant when he canada goose outlet toronto location said that he had a dream.” O’Reilly is such a hyporcrite. While he rails about black “offensiveness” he doesn’t say diddly about the offensive racist commentary of Sean Hannity, Bill Cunningham, Michael Savage, and all the other haters who seek to divide America. canada goose vest outlet What would Barack Obama say about these people? There was no canada goose jacket uk outrage about the racist commentary directed towards Barack Obama at the Palin rallies. But for affluent, white Bill, the sin of the black rappers is that the music is an official canada goose outlet indictment of a society that Bill wants to maintain a “traditional” world where blacks (for Bill, an alien culture) “knew their place.” During the segment Bill said, “The civility level that Obama is trying to bring to the discourse, is destroyed by these people.” canada goose jacket outlet Just canada goose discount uk who are “these people,” Bill? Perhaps if the Minstrel Show could be revived, the world would be a better place for Bill O’Reilly Canada Goose Parka.

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