buy canada goose jacket Government Accountability Office cleared ACORN of any wrongdoing. ACORN had already been closed down for several months at that point, so that was about as helpful a redemption as the murder suspect getting proven innocent two months after his date with the electric chair.Roll Call/Getty Images”If we can’t trust shadily made Internet videos, what can we trust?”The Victims That Navy SEALs Rescued from Somali Pirates Had Intentionally Hung Out in Pirate TerritoryIn 2009, pirate lovers everywhere realized just how badly Pirates of the Caribbean had lied to them when a highly publicized, real life pirate attack took place off the coast of Somalia and it didn’t look anything at all like the movie. It’s way Canada Goose Outlet less sword fighting and way more AK 47s and kidnappings.If you don’t remember the incident, an American cargo ship called the Maersk Alabama was overtaken by four villainous Somali pirates. buy canada goose jacket

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